‘White privilege’ workshop not popular with everyone

a-description-of-the-white-privilege-workshopA description of the ‘white privilege’ workshop, held by the province’s teacher’s union. (Elementary Teachers’ Federation)

Ontario’s largest teachers’ union is defending its decision to hold a workshop on “white privilege” at an upcoming convention, saying it has never been afraid to tackle controversial issues.

The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, which has 76,000 members, has a posting on its website looking for presenters for a workshop called “Re-thinking White Privilege.”

“What we’re trying to do is spark a conversation about this and raise awareness and a growing understanding about white privilege,” ETFO president Sam Hammond said Thursday in an interview.

“An example is housing: people of colour feel they are discriminated against, that there is racism in play there when it comes to housing.”

Hammond said as “a white guy in a suit” he’s never been stopped by police for a random check, unlike many men of colour, and he’s usually not challenged by security guards when he enters buildings after office hours…