War on Women’s New Battleground: ‘Sexist’ School Dress Codes

Feminists at Jezebel, NARAL, Feministing and the like are encouraging young girls to rise up and protest against school dress codes, which they deem “sexist.”

Apparently any school dress code that requires some level of modesty from students is tantamount to “slut-shaming,” the horrifying crime of requiring women and girls to dress and act according to norms of social and sexual propriety.

The complaints started with left-wing and feminist sites but the moving is crossing over to the mainstream media as well. Even The New York Times is using the highly-contentious phrase.

Liberal sites like Think Progress have been rife the past few months with “horror stories” of schools enforcing dress codes on girls. Tara-Culp-Ressler of Think Progress posted a story Sept. 15 on girls at a Staten Island high school who keep landing in detention for openly rebelling against the school’s dress codes about tank tops and shorts length. Culp-Ressler sympathizes with the girls complaints that the dress code is unfair because it’s “sweltering.”

It’s just too hot to wear anything but low-cut shirts and shorts with more than a 2-inch inseam! But more importantly, the girls and Culp-Ressler argued, it’s “sexist” and “biased” because only girls get in trouble for wearing these things. Of course, girls are the only ones sporting that particular ensemble, but solidarity, sisters!…