San Diego: Students petition SDSU to drop Aztecs name, warrior mascot

For some students and alumni, San Diego State University is facing its biggest loss ever: The loss of identity, the loss of every association with the term Aztecs.

For others, who see and hear inappropriateness and even racism in those six letters, a change can’t come soon enough.

Filed Oct. 2, a formal resolution from the SDSU Queer People of Color Collective asks the student body to abandon all Aztecs references and eliminate the school mascot, the Aztec Warrior, because the words and costumed cheerleading “perpetuate harmful stereotypes of Native Americans, including the notion that Native Americans are innately violent, dangerous, and ‘savage,’ which is demonstrated by the Aztec Warrior’s aggressive body language, the Aztec Warrior’s use of a spear at special events, the use of a spear on the SDSU Athletics Logo which is printed on uniforms and SDSU memorabilia, and the slogan ‘fear the spear’.”…