NBC News softens report on ‘ISIS-inspired’ terror plot preempted by Canadian officials

According to an exclusive report via NBC News, “ISIS-inspired” prospective terrorists plotted a specific plan to execute “knife and gun” attacks against American and Canadian targets in Canada.

An earlier version of the NBC report indicated that the plot was particularly specific; terrorists had surveilled an unidentified shopping mall and sought out methods of entry and exit, were planning to use knives and firearms on people jammed up on escalators, and planned to martyr themselves when authorities arrived to put down the attack.

That report was later amended significantly, and all of the operational details of the nascent terror plot reproduced above were edited out. In their place, NBC noted that officials stressed there was no immediate threat to the United States and the terror plot was merely at the “aspirational” stage.


Someone’s got some Splainin to do…

I wrote yesterday of the absurdity of Canadians being  informed by US News services about domestic Muslim terror plots. That concern aside, Canadian security services do engage in what they have referred to as “Disruptions” of terror plots, meaning if they detect domestic terrorist chatter they let the Muslims know they’re being watched well in advance of the plan ever coming to fruition. I wonder if an Access To Information request would free up, at the least, the number of such disruptions that have taken place and perhaps some idea of their nature.

I imagine that under law this may fall into a grey area akin to “Pre-Crime” and that may explain why no arrests are made.  However the initial report by NBC was very specific about how far the Shopping Mall Slaughter plot had advanced stating that reconnaissance of a target had taken place. This is worrisome.  Why could no charges be laid at a point when the planning had reached an obviously advanced stage, a point well beyond mere “chatter”? Note that NBC did not retract the details of the plot they initially made public but they did remove them from the revised article choosing to describe the plot as merely “aspirational”. I don’t know about you but a reconnaissance of the target signals well formed intent and not mere aspiration to me.

We can speculate but we will likely never know the reasons why the details of this incident, and the particulars of previous disruptions, are kept from the public and whether the rationale behind this official reticence is valid or not. That’s how things work in Canada.

It leads me to suspect that much information about Domestic Muslim Terrorism is being deliberately kept out of the public eye by our security services. It also leads me to suspect that this information is being withheld for political rather than valid security concerns.

Does the term “Community Cohesion” ring a bell?

This stinks of Rotherham.