Mosque arson in Germany: Turk confesses to attacks

musacAs he hides his face behind a paper, the anger he showed previously now in open, the trial against mosque arsonist Musa C. (age 31), starts.

The Turkish casual worker has confessed to having committed the arson attack at the Cologne Central Mosque on Venloerstraße on 3 February. His trial before the district court started Wednesday.

“I wanted to make a clear sign,” said the man who has been housed in psychiatric detention since his arrest. “Because they treated me badly at the Koran school. It has always hurt me.”

2,w=559,c=0.bildThe defendant lit several items in front of a door of the Ditib mosque in Cologne-Ehrenfeld

Outside the main entrance of the Cologne mosque he lit a package using an accelerant. He had previously asked one witness for a lighter.

Other attacks he accused of: In front of a mosque in Wesseling he lit a waste paper container; in Hürth he lit a barbecue in front of a mosque.

h/t Politically Incorrect (Translated from German)

This is at least three mosque arson attacks that were started by a Muslim, not an angry native German.

  • moraywatson

    Everybody hates totalitarian islam. And that’s a hate fact.

  • Canadian

    As usual, done by one of them…

    • Lucky12345

      They do these so called -islamophobic’ acts on themselves AND then claim it was those far-right people!

      They then post it ALL over their corrupt News outlets and if the truth comes out, they pretend as if nothing happened.

      What’s ALARMING is that they EASILY get away with it, this TACTIC is being used on an EPIC scale with regard to Refugees, WITH many Traitors HELPING them as was DISCOVERED in Australia.

      After the announcement of STOPPING moslems into Australia, the moslems devised a scheme of ONLY sending Children on Boats so that it can BOLSTER international pressure/action

      When that TACTIC failed, the moselms turned to INFLICTING Harm on themselves and accusations of WIDESPREAD abuse and ATROCITIES being committed WITHIN the detention centers. See Link Below:

      When that TACTIC was DISCOVERED and EXPOSED by Australian authorities, the moslems denied it and quieted down the issue through their control of the UN/Media

      The NEXT Tactic the moslems will deploy is YET to be seen!

      • Canadian

        They`ll find something…and the media will swallow it, as usual.
        Print a lie on page one, and a month later, print a correction on page 43.

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    The guys who did that,should come to Canada and the US,they will get fame and respect,at the same time they will take care of the Mosques here ,that will be another job.

  • Warren Raymond

    It is important to note that politicians across the board condemned the “right wing extremists” who did this, and never retracted or apologised. There is now one tiny upstart, the AFD (Alternative for Germany) that cops heavy flack from the establishment, just like Wilders party in the Netherlands. In the last 4 decades, Germans, like most Europeans, have gone from Socialism light to hardcore collectivism, and the EUSSR commies in Brussels will not stop unless the people stop them.

  • I fully endorse Muslims attacking their local mosque.