Mosque arson in Germany: Turk confesses to attacks

musacAs he hides his face behind a paper, the anger he showed previously now in open, the trial against mosque arsonist Musa C. (age 31), starts.

The Turkish casual worker has confessed to having committed the arson attack at the Cologne Central Mosque on Venloerstraße on 3 February. His trial before the district court started Wednesday.

“I wanted to make a clear sign,” said the man who has been housed in psychiatric detention since his arrest. “Because they treated me badly at the Koran school. It has always hurt me.”

2,w=559,c=0.bildThe defendant lit several items in front of a door of the Ditib mosque in Cologne-Ehrenfeld

Outside the main entrance of the Cologne mosque he lit a package using an accelerant. He had previously asked one witness for a lighter.

Other attacks he accused of: In front of a mosque in Wesseling he lit a waste paper container; in Hürth he lit a barbecue in front of a mosque.

h/t Politically Incorrect (Translated from German)

This is at least three mosque arson attacks that were started by a Muslim, not an angry native German.