Levin: Why Does Everyone Want to Come to Supposedly Racist US?

On Wednesday, talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin argued against the claims of Rev. Jesse Jackson and others that the treatment of Dallas Ebola patient Thomas Duncan was due to race.

Levin stated “in this country…everybody has rights, everybody’s protected, no we’re not a perfect society, but as I look around the world, we’re the most perfect society, aren’t we? And we’re the most tolerant society…what is this hate, this contempt?”

And “This is what I’ll never understand by these race-baiters, these homegrown race-baiters, if we are as they say, why do these folks keep coming into this country?…They come here, none of the worker’s paradises, no, the imperial, capitalist, racist America”…

(Video at link)