George, Amal, and Muslim thugs

George Clooney’s fairy-tale marriage to Amal Alamuddin may be a match made in Hollywood heaven, but his bride’s unblushing ties to oppressive Islam are not divine, raising a red flag about influential types with skewed agendas joining forces.

Alamuddin is a Lebanese Druze, an elusive Islamic sect that does not recognize converts, forbids interfaith marriages, and allows only specially designated believers called “knowers” to access its scriptures. She is also a high-profile lawyer with the West-hostile United Nations, and an advisor to the King of Bahrain — a country with a “continuing policy of systematic torture,” notes its own human rights agency.

…Her mother’s boss is just as disgusting. Pan-Arab newspaper “Al-Hayat” employs Baria Alamuddin as a foreign editor and has grown rich off the western world, but it is not above mocking the suffering of 9-11 victims with innumerable callous cartoons. A 2007 “Al-Hayat” sketch depicted Osama bin Laden grinning while making the “V” for victory sign with two fingers formed like the blazing Twin Towers. A 2002 cartoon showed legs shaped like an “11” chasing Uncle Sam and captioned “September.” Another caricature showed a Muslim praying for the death of Americans. The prayer was portrayed as missiles, reading “Allah scatter them!” “Turn their wives into widows!” “Turn their children into orphans!”…