Foreign live-in caregivers demand Canadian permanent residency rights

Sandra Segura left her home and her family in Mexico two years ago to work as a live-in caregiver for a Toronto couple.

She devotes long hours helping to raise the family’s two young children. She sees it as important work, and she loves her job. Her presence allows the kids’ mother to work full time, like thousands of other Canadian women who can advance their careers because they have caregivers, she said.

Ms. Segura misses her husband and two sons immensely, but will soon reach the 24 months of employment required to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Still, it will be another three years before her family can join her. It is a high price, but she is willing to pay it for a future in this country.

Now, she and many other caregivers are concerned the federal government will introduce legislative changes that could make it harder for nannies to become permanent residents. Ms. Segura joined a coalition of caregivers in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver on Thursday demanding that caregivers be granted permanent residency upon arrival in Canada…