Why Steven Fletcher Wants to Die

“The concept of framing was popularized by linguist Deborah Tannen in the 1980s. Her study of conversational templates was intuitive and simple and focused on how power manifests itself (or not) in conversational styles. Her observations confirmed a lot of things I’d already suspected and left me with one very handy skill. I am very good at detecting language patterns that signal manipulation, very good at using (or smashing) predictable scripts. It’s turned me into that creature of terror, a difficult woman.

Kidding aside, something powerful and despairing happened to me when I started following the Canadian media’s neglect of the elderly and noting the support that neglect was lending the assisted suicide movement. Red flags sprung up everywhere. I saw the proverbial pot warming slowly, saw the incremental efforts supporters of assisted suicide had been making in Canada with the long view in mind.”