Why do we have to learn about Canadian terror threats from American news sources?

Just a thought for the morning.

Yesterday NBC broke the news that Canadian authorities had foiled a plot by Maple Syrup Muslims to commit a wholesale slaughter of us infidels in a shopping mall.

Only a few hours earlier we had CSIS director Michel “Nothin to see here” Coulombe assuring citizens that no imminent threats existed in Canada and by golly his agency and the RCMP were working on lots of outreach programs with our Maple Syrup Muslim neighbors. You know, the kind of program that saw the RCMP shamed into dumping a Pro-Jihad handbook they co-authored with the Muslim Brotherhood .

These assurances of well being come from the same people who were too terrified to mention Islam in their latest report on the terror threat in Canada.  The same people who just yesterday announced they had  commissioned a couple of million dollars in terrorism research that for some reason can’t bear to mention Islam but seems very anxious to discuss gender issues.

Yesterday we also learned some 80 Maple Syrup Muslims had returned to Canada from Jihad sabbaticals.  So where are the arrests? 

Where are the arrests of the Maple Syrup Muslims caught planning mass slaughter in a Canadian shopping Mall?

Why are our government security services so fearfully reticent about Islamic terrorism?

What do they know that we don’t?