UK: Estate where suspected terrorist lived was a ‘hotbed of extremism’ locals warn

terror-raid-flat-k_3066685bThe flat in North Kensington where suspect Tarik Hassane was arrested Photo: Eddie Mulholland/The Telegraph

Locals on the estate where terror suspect Tarik Hassane was arrested warned last night that the area was becoming a hotbed of extremism, with an increasing number of young people being drawn to radical Islam.

The flat in North Kensington where the 21-year-old medical student lived with his Aunt and cousin, is just yards from where two al-Qaeda linked terrorists were arrested for their part in the July 21 terror plot in London.

Ibrahim Muktar Said and Ramzi Mohammed were arrested during a raid on their flat on the Peabody Estate which is overlooked by block where Hassane grew up.

The area, which suffers from high levels of crime, is home to many migrant families and locals fear that extremists in the community have been deliberately targeting what they see as a fertile recruiting ground.

One neighbour of Hassane described how he had changed in recent years from a shy and respectful young man to someone who was more intense and distant.

The woman, who watched the arrest unfold from her flat overlooking the courtyard of the Princess Alice estate said: “To people who’ve known him [Hassane] would be shy, you could see a change in him over the last two years. He was a nice, happy-go-lucky guy and he became closed”…