UK: Don’t panic! Defence Secretary says there is no need for ‘hysteria’ over Ebola threat to Britain but admits virus is ‘out of control’

The British government tonight ordered airports to quiz passengers arriving from West Africa in an attempt to prevent Ebola entering the UK, just hours after ministers said it would do little to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

Downing Street tonight announced ‘enhanced screening’ will be carried out at Heathrow and Gatwick, and Eurostar trains, for people arriving from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

They will be quizzed about where they have been and whether they have been in contact with anyone with the deadly virus, and doctors could carry out medical assessments if they are deemed to be high risk.

But the decision came after senior ministers, including Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, warned it would be ‘very hard’ to track people arriving in the UK from affected countries…

(Photo: Volunteers pick up a body of an Ebola victim)