Turkey demands of the Vatican sensitivity toward Islamophobia, says Görmez

unnamed-2Mehmet Görmez, the head of the Directorate of Religious Affairs

…We are demanding from the Vatican to show one-tenth of the sensitivity that they show to anti-Semitism. I am aware of the reasons originating from Muslims, and I always talk about it. However, the existence of ISIS does not justify attacks against 30 to 40 mosques annually in Germany. Boko Haram’s existence in Nigeria does not justify hate crimes against the citizens of the country in the U.S.

The occurrence of 9/11 does not justify the disputes against Islam’s legitimacy and security concerns. These cannot justify discriminatory acts toward Muslims such as the alienation of Islam by disregarding laws and rights. Institutions such as the Vatican should consider these situations as we do when there is a wrongdoing against a Christian. We held meetings three years ago in Istanbul to show that Christians living in Iraq and Syria are a part of Islamic civilization. We were among the first to condemn the massacres of Yazidis…

The pope is going to visit Turkey on Nov. 30. If he includes our directorate in his visit, I would like to share my views with him as well. Some of the other Islamic institutions are insufficient in preventing the wrongdoings against non-Muslims in Muslim regions. However, I expect from Western religious institutions to show one-tenth of the sensitivity they are showing against anti-Semitism to Islamophobia. This has become more than a phobia, transforming into hatred – a grudge that has led to marginalization. For this reason, I am asserting that the Vatican should consider this situation more seriously…

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