Prophecy that predicted war between Islamic army and ‘infidel horde’ is fuelling ISIS

unnamed-9The name of the ISIS magazine is “Dabiq” — that has prophetic significance.

An ancient prophecy romanticised by ISIS militants warns of a battle between an Islamic army and an ‘infidel horde’ in Syria which will herald the destruction of the world.

The 1,300-year-old hadith, which is a report of the deeds, teachings and sayings of the Prophet Mohammed, refers to the ‘horde’ flying 80 banners as they take on a Muslim army in the Syrian town of Dabiq.

It warns of a ‘malahim’ – the equivalent to Armageddon in Christian teachings – in which the Muslims ultimately prevail…

…The ancient hadith has been passed down in different versions over the last 1,000 years but in all cases it has centred on a battle between a Muslim army and the forces of non-believers.

Prophecy has played a role in the movement’s ideology since its early days as Al-Qaeda in Iraq under Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Before Zarqawi was killed in Iraq in a U.S. airstrike in 2006 and long before his movement evolved into ISIS he was already referring to the epic battle in Dabiq.

‘The spark has been ignited in Iraq, and its flames will grow until they burn the Crusader armies in Dabiq,’ he once said.

We have posted on this before but it bears repeating. It explains why ISIS is so unconcerned about giving Islam a bad reputation. If this is the end of time then its reputation is not going to be a concern.

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