PressTV – US dealing with inmate’s beard equals Islamophobia

05b044a47116d727610f6a706700679eConvict and revert Gregory Holt

The United States’ obsession over a Muslim prisoner’s beard is “laughable,” says a prominent American commentator.

Dr. Randy Short made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV while commenting on a US Supreme Court session Tuesday on whether Muslim inmate Gregory Holt could wear a half-inch (1.3 cm) beard due to religious reasons in an Arkansas prison.

The Varner Supermax prison demands the prisoners be clean-shaven unless a medical condition requires them to do otherwise.

Short said the rule was a sign of “Anglo-American racism,” and “Islamophobia,” likening the situation in all US prisons to that of the notorious Guantanamo.

“They don’t like Islam in the prisons… and once again you see these people insulting another faith or another religious group,” he said, adding, “these men should be free to grow the beard they want to”…

Note: PressTV is funded by the Iranian government.   If you want a beard, try staying out of jail, you wretched creep.