Pakistan: Moonshine death toll climbs to 29

unnamed-3Iqbal, the uncle of a victim who died after consuming toxic liquor, shows his picture on a mobile phone at the hospital. 

KARACHI/HYDERABAD: Lethal moonshine claimed the lives of six more people in Karachi on Thursday, bringing the death toll to 29 since Tuesday. The police, as well as the excise and taxation department, have failed yet again to take concrete measures in the wake of an anticipated surge in the sale of crude liquor on festive occasions.

Since Tuesday evening, the second day of Eidul Azha, a total of 45 victims of the home-made toxic liquor have been brought to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC). At least 10 of them were dead on arrival, Dr Seemin Jamali, the in-charge of the emergency department, told The Express Tribune.

Of the remaining victims who were admitted to the hospital in critical condition for treatment, 19 more had succumbed to the methanol poisoning, a toxic liquid alcohol used in moonshine, till Thursday. Unlike ethanol, methyl which is also called methanol is highly toxic and is unfit for human consumption.

“Around 16 more patients are still fighting for their lives in our health facility. Even if they survive, chances are their kidneys and eyesight would be damaged by the effects of poisoning,” said Dr Jamali.

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