NBC News Defends Radical Islam: American Christians Terrorize, Oppress Women, Hate Gays Too

Eric Michael Dyson of course defends Islam, calling it ancient and honorable, and saying we ignore the Christian terrorism all around us. I didn’t realize we were beheading people for Jesus! His guest James Peterson makes sure to top the stupidity by saying that Christians are just as homophobic as Muslims in the Middle East. I guess not wanting to bake a cake for a gay wedding is just as egregious as hanging gays in the liberal mind.

Dyson: What about this? The reality is, is that there is a lot of antsy-ness  out here now because of ISIS and what people see on TV and yet at the same time, this is a religion that is ancient, that is honorable, that is venerable. Why is it that we get confused between the two? We don’t do it with Christianity, because there is a lot of terrorism going on and being promoted in the identity movement and white supremacists groups within Christianity itself…