Hate blinds twittering fools from the evil truth

THE undeniable atrocities being committed by Islamic State have leftists all at sea. They have made common cause with Islamism against their real foe, the Judaeo-Christian capitalist west, and it’s all a bit uncomfortable.

But when even the United Nations confirms that IS is beheading, raping, enslaving and torturing innocent civilians, they still can’t bring themselves to condemn the evil in front of their eyes.

Instead they evade, distract, ignore, and attack with all sorts of false moral equivalencies, from evil Israel to the so-called “Christian” (actually agnostic) Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Anything to avoid the awful truth, that the totalitarian ideology of radical Islam is on the march, potentially as dangerous as the communist ideology which killed 100 million people last century.

Crikey’s Bernard Keane tells us we should focus on “less glamorous subjects” than terrorism which “kills fewer Australians than even the most exotic causes of death”.

The ABC’s Jonathan Holmes pours scorn on Attorney-General George Brandis’ claim that we face an “existential threat” from the Islamo-fascists, and declares climate change is much scarier. Tell that to the beheaded Christians and Yazidis…