Denmark: New refugee proposals: Send them back

Syrian refugees flee conflict to Turkey...epa04427729 A TurkishKurdish refugees from Kobani at the Turkish border

Two opposition parties have seriously ratcheted up the rhetoric in the ongoing debate about Denmark’s responsibility to take in refugees.

The right-wing Danish People’s Party (DF) and the libertarian party Liberal Alliance (LA) are calling for Denmark to stop accepting refugees and instead send them back where they came from and offer them help closer to home.

While LA’s leader, Anders Samuelsen, is trying to spin his party’s proposal by saying that more refugees could be helped in Danish-run refugee camps abroad than “the lucky ones” who make it to Denmark, DF was a bit more upfront about the goal of its suggestion.

DF spokesman Martin Henriksen told Politko that the party would like to see no refugees on Danish soil.

“I think that with one stroke, this would make Denmark incredibly uninteresting for asylum seekers and therefore believe that the asylum figures would plummet when they can’t receive a residence permit in Denmark,” DF spokesman Martin Henriksen said.

Henriksen suggested the establishment of Danish-run refugee camps in “an African country, a country in Asia or the Middle East”…

The number of genuine refugees is expanding rapidly, and then there are ones just looking to live in the West. We cannot take them all. It is just not possible. If their Muslim coreligionists will not take them, why should we?