Australian commie paper: We must answer offensive of the right with unity of the left

170pxHammer_and_sickle.svgThere is an actual hammer and sickle illustration on their site. Not kidding.

A poisonous cloud of intolerance is descending on Australia. Xenophobia and racism, including institutional racism, have long been features of Australian society but these blights are worsening with encouragement coming from the highest levels of government.

Progressive Australians need to face some disturbing possibilities in the current political situation and stand firm on the principles of inclusiveness and solidarity.

In Europe the trend is clearer. Thugs from neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn roam the streets of Greece beating immigrants and activists from the political left.

The anti-immigrant UK Independence Party (UKIP) has welcomed two defecting Conservative MPs into its bigoted ranks in recent times as its electoral fortunes continue to rise…