US: Foreign workers: Trust us

As many will recall, a claque of American CEOs penned a letter to Obama and Congress in March 2013. In this they pleaded for a vast and perpetual flow of foreign labor to fill the tens of thousands of vacancies that our population of only a mere 300 million could never hope to provide. Yet couldn’t they simply hire these critical employees to work in their sprawling archipelago of international facilities rather than bringing them all here? Can’t software be engineered in Bangalore just as well?

I’m sorry, they couldn’t hear the question.

The point was, thousands more workers were desperately needed. And thousands more after that…ad infinitum.

So many tech titans put reputation to paper and begged the government they had spent good money on for some ROI [Return on Investment].

Though strange things can happen in a short 18 months. And after hearing today of Hewlett-Packard’s huge layoffs, the first thought was a silent wager that they had been in the beggar’s bunch for more workers–of course they had…