Trannie Conchita Wurst Cited As Reason Uzbekistan Muslims Declare Allegiance To Islamic State

To be honest, Conchita Wurst makes me want to attack Western Civilization.

Western democracy destroys Islamic values

The head of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), Usmon Gozi, stated that his terrorist organization has joined the terrorists of Islamic State, a source in the Uzbek law-enforcement agencies told RIA Novosti.

“…phenomena such as Conchita Wurst (an Austrian singer and travesty, the winner of Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen, who created the image of a bearded woman) are not acceptable for the East. “It is not due to their excessive Puritanism, which is typical for the Wahhabis of the Islamic State, but due to the fact that such an approach destroys the crystal lattice of Oriental society, the strict internal structure which has always relied on family and family values. In the Islamic world the law of self-preservation operates when European values are tried to be promoted, postmodern values. Postindustrial values in the traditional environment. Conflict is inevitable. This should be clear to the people who plan policies in this direction,” Stegny is sure.”