South Korea: Asian Games, seven athletes missing, suspected to be looking for work

(Reuters) – Police are searching for seven athletes who have gone missing from their Asian Games delegations and are thought to be looking for work illegally in South Korea.

Incheon police said on Wednesday they were looking for three athletes from Nepal, two from Sri Lanka and one each from Bangladesh and Palestine.

The delegations reported the athletes missing to Incheon Asian Games organizers (IAGOC), who then informed the authorities, police told Reuters.

“We believe they’ve gone missing with the intention of finding work in South Korea,” Incheon police said by telephone.

“There must be brokers or people they know who are helping them out. The immigration office has already gathered information and sources, so they are conducting the investigation and we are giving them support.”

Police said the athletes’ visas would expire on Oct. 19 and that they would be treated as illegal aliens and deported if apprehended after that date…

(Photo: Opening ceremonies for the Asian Games)