Non-Muslim women wear hijabs and offer flowers in show of solidarity with Canberra’s Islamic community

Ten non-Muslim women, wearing hijabs and carrying flowers, have touched Canberra’s Islamic community with their simple message of love and solidarity.

After a week of heightened anti-Islamic rhetoric in Canberra, where numerous politicians discussed banning the burqa, 10 women armed only with flowers attended an ACT Islamic festival to show support for their fellow Canberrans.

At three locations across Canberra on Saturday the Islamic community celebrated Eid al-Adha, or the festival of the sacrifice, which involves prayers followed by family events and feasting.

As worshippers left the morning prayer at the AIS Stadium in Bruce they were met by the women, who offered flowers to the women and children in attendance…

(Photo: Dhimmis all decked out in hijabs in Canberra)