Newsflash to Ben Affleck: Racism Is Not Religious and There Is No Such Thing As Islamic Extremism

Muslims who follow Muhammad’s teachings practice and engage in honor killings, child marriage and institutionalized domestic violence. They are not minorities—they are following the Qur’an. Islamic Shari’a Councils now exist in England, Holland, and others, applying Shari’a via a de facto paralegal system.

In near Islamic states, those who reject or leave Islam are “liable to be killed,” beaten, stomped on, stabbed, burned, imprisoned, and killed. In fact, the majority of Muslims surveyed in a 2010 Pew Research poll support the death penalty in their country for those who leave Islam.

Third, Islam is not a peaceful religion. Mayer’s analogy to the mafia is inaccurate; the Mafia’s purpose is power, greed, and profiting from illegal operations perpetrated through violence.

Their goal is not worldwide totalitarian rule.

Muslims commit violence because they are following Muhammad and the Qur’an. Islam, literally translated, means “submission” to Allah—or death.

The Qur’an, Hadith, and the Sunnah all clearly articulate that Islam is a political ideology designed to implement worldwide totalitarian rule through Shari’a Law.