Kurdish protesters clash with Turkish police in riots over ISIS

As Islamic State (IS) fighters keep up their battle to gain control over Kobani, a strategic Syrian Kurdish-controlled enclave on Turkey’s border, the effects of the conflict are being felt in Turkey itself. Thousands of Kurds took to the streets across the country on Oct. 7 to protest Turkey’s inaction against the Islamic State’s seemingly unstoppable advance. In the southeastern town of Varto, a 17-year-old Kurdish youth was reported killed by live ammunition allegedly fired by security forces at the crowds.

…None of this comes as a surprise. Many Kurds continue to believe that Turkey is complicit in the jihadists’ onslaught against Kobani… Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned PKK leader, is threatening to call off peace talks with the Ankara government should there be a massacre in the enclave. Turkey denies it is siding with IS.


How ISIS could soon control close to half the Syrian border with Turkey.