Epidemiologist says US must stop all flights from Ebola-stricken West Africa to prevent outbreaks

unnamed-11David Dausey, a researcher at Mercyhurst University

A top epidemiologist is speaking out to say the US must stop all commercial flights from Ebola-stricken West African nations in order to prevent more outbreaks on American soil.

David Dausey, a Yale-educated academic who has been nationally recognized for his research on the spread of infectious diseases, says the bungling public health response to US Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan proves that the country cannot afford another case.

Duncan had contact with 100 people in his short time in the US before he was admitted to a hospital. Nearly half of them are still under observation.

Writing in the Washington Post, Dr Dausey argues: ‘The human errors in this single case highlight why it is urgent that we ban all commercial flights from the impacted countries to all non-affected countries until the outbreak is contained’…

Related: Sierra Leone’s burial teams for Ebola victims strike over hazard pay: Oct 7 (Reuters) – Teams in charge of burying the bodies of Ebola victims in two districts of Sierra Leone have gone on strike over the non-payment of their weekly risk allowances, leaders of the group said on Tuesday.

Because the Ebola virus is highly infectious and remains active in the corpses of victims, only specialised teams in protective clothing are allowed to remove and dispose of the bodies.

A strike by the burial teams could worsen the outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone, which recorded 121 deaths and scores of new infections in one of the single deadliest days last week. The two districts the teams cover include the capital, Freetown.

“We have decided to stop working until they pay us our weekly risk allowance,” Tamba Nyandemoh told Reuters. They have not been paid for two weeks, he said…