Canadian authorities stopped ISIS-inspired mall attack: Report

Authorities recently dismantled an ISIS-inspired plot to carry out a “knife and gun” attack at a Canadian shopping mall, NBC News reports.

Anonymous intelligence officials told the American news network that a group of people walked through a Canadian mall to scope out its exists and plan an attack that would see them mowing down people on crowded escalators until police showed up.

According to sources, authorities stopped the attack before it could happen.

It’s not clear which mall was targeted.

Authorities in Canada and the U.S. fear an ISIS-like attack, where either someone is publicly beheaded or citizens are slashed at until cops arrive to shoot and “martyr” the terrorists, NBC reported.

CSIS director Michel Coulombe Today “It does pose a real threat, but like I mentioned, we have no information indicating an imminent attack,” Coulombe told MPs.

“We don’t want to sound alarmist. We’re telling people that they should go about their daily life, but we have to be vigilant,” he said.

From NBC – ISIS Imitators Discussed Attacks on U.S. Targets in Canada

Intelligence officials tell NBC News that Canadian authorities have heard would-be terrorists discussing potential ISIS-inspired “knife and gun” attacks against U.S. and Canadian targets inside Canada, ranging from an attack on an unnamed shopping mall to attacks on Americans or the U.S. Embassy.

While intelligence officials say some of the discussions raise the possibility of attacks on U.S. targets in Canada, they have not picked up talk of anyone crossing the border into the U.S. to stage attacks.

Intelligence officials say that Canadian authorities are monitoring “hundreds of people” in Canada who have either gone to Syria to link up with ISIS and other Islamist groups and returned, or who have tried and failed to make the trip. The unknowns, those inspired by ISIS but as yet on no radar, add to the worry, helping to make this what U.S. and Canadian officials have said is the most dangerous time since 9/11 for a domestic terror attack.

Both U.S. and Canadian officials fear the beheading of an innocent person in a public place, or the slashing of citizens on a crowded street until police arrive to shoot and “martyr” the terrorists.

In the mall terror plan, the group discussing the attack allegedly did a walk-through of a Canadian mall, scoped out its exits and focused on an attack that would mow down people on crowded escalators. The mayhem would last until police arrived. Authorities became aware of the alleged plan and disrupted it before it could go any further.