Jihad Watch: Norway: Laughing men hoist Islamic State flags in Oslo; EU expert says jihad songs used at beheadings “not extremism”

norway-flag-burned-by-muslims-in-norway-not-eu-flag-in-photo-450x299Angry Muslims in Norway burn a Norwegian flag (date and occasion unknown).

…The same day that the United States bombed Syria and Ubaydullah Hussain (29) appeared in Oslo court on charges of incitement to terror, several men drove around in Oslo waving an Islamic State flag. The men’s behaviour was a source of worry, and the police were quickly notified.

“They laughed,” one witness told VG. … The witness said to VG that four cars drove back and forth in Tøyengata in Greenland (a Muslim-dominated area with a high rape risk) in Oslo. In two of the cars, an Islamic State flag stuck out of the window…

…Magnus Ranstorp is a researcher at the Swedish Defence Academy and has led a working group of the EU to prevent Syria warriors. “When it comes to music, it is not problematic. It is a ‘nasheed,’ a kind of battle song, music and poetry, and does not have anything to do with extremism,” he said…

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