Germany: Mass brawl in the district of Celle, Neuenhäusen – Chechens vs Yazidis

f7e3106344e1d1b70af4920413802b2bA photo accompanying the article. (They never show the good stuff in the German press – strict privacy laws).  The sign indicates that this is “Church Street”.  Those were the days!

CELLE. According to police, two groups clashed: one about 60 people strong, the other around 30 people. It was between Yazidis [not Muslim] and Chechen Muslims. Police suspect that the fight broke out over the conflict in Syria.

It started as a verbal confrontation but escalated. It came to punches, kicks and blows with unknown objects. About 20 police officers from across the district had to separate the brawlers, and issued restraining orders.

Police spokesman Guido Koch announced in the evening that there were no arrests.

In the coming hours the police will monitor the situation to prevent further clashes. “We have to wait and see now how it develops. We will keep an eye on it,” Koch said.

In addition, investigators were at Celle General Hospital talking to the injured.

h/t Politically Incorrect (Translated from German)