The root problem of Muslim integration in Britain is alienation – cliché time again

Birmingham-Alum-Rock-MuslimsA heavily Muslim area of Birmingham, UK

This is not a problem of religion. This is not a problem of immigration. And, despite British Prime Minister David Cameron’s assertion, the root of the problem is not even the “poisonous” political ideology of fundamental Islam. The root problem – where ideological extremism flourishes – is alienation. Disaffected, second- and third-generation immigrant youth are seeking alternative communities of belonging that conflict with a free society. To this problem, there is plenty of blame to go around.

Muslim youth are born into British society and socialized in British schools, or naturalized after years of residence and integration, but endure frustrating barriers to socioeconomic mobility and face discrimination as members of an ethnic minority…

I’m not buying this snake oil. For a comparison, why is the large Sikh community in Vancouver not similarly “alienated”? The Sikhs (from Punjab) are right across the border from Pakistan — and some still live there. They look very similar to the “alienated” English Pakistanis: they are same ethnic group.

The problem with Muslims is that they set themselves apart from society like no other religion — headscarves, sharia law, requirements for separation of sexes and so on. Not only that, many identify with the “ummah” — and turn out in furious mobs over things like a stupid YouTube video. This alienates the natives!

Then there are features like “you can convert to Islam but once you are there you can never go back”.  Anyone born Muslim who tries to leave Islam can expect death threats, if not actual death.

No wonder people feel like Islam is out to dominate the world — as they keep saying they are!