The Real Forever War: the Fox and the Heron

The self-declared “Caliph” (the word means “replacement” in Hebrew) of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has a PhD in Islamic studies. By no means is he ‘ignorant’ of Islam, despite the declarations of ‘some’ in the West. The idea of a caliphate as a supra-national Islamic state, is a basic religious ideal shared by all Muslims. Greece has collapsed, Iran is aggressive and Rome is in disarray. Welcome to 430 BC.

A Persian fable: A Fox met a Heron and said “My, what lovely feathers you have, dear Heron. May I have one?” The Heron obliged. The following day they met again, and the same exchange occurred. Day-after-day the Fox’ question was repeated with the same response from the Heron’s. Finally, they met when the Heron had been plucked bare; so the Fox said, “Heron, you look delicious; now I will eat you. And he did.