Swedish national charged with terror offences in London

A Swedish national appeared in a London court on Friday, charged with a series of terrorism offences. According to Peder Hyllengren, terrorism expert at the Swedish Defence College in Karlstad, the man is well-known on social media for taking part in the fighting in Syria.

Hyllergren himself has known “for quite some time” about the 36-year-old man and his experiences in Syria. “He appears on pretty extreme pictures on social media, standing with his foot on a soldier’s head in a pretty provocative way,” Hyllergren told Swedish Radio News…

…[He] is alleged to carry electronic an electronic copy of a magazine called ‘44 Ways to Serve and Participate in jihad’ in his computer. Two titles were also part of the find: ‘Ultimate Guide to USA Army Combat’ and ‘39 Ways to Serve and Participate in jihad’..