Spencer: Islamic State captive Abdul-Rahman Kassig’s parents appeal to Islamic State

The Kassigs’ appeal is mostly based on an invocation of their son Abdul-Rahman Kassig’s humanitarian work among Syrians: they mention his conversion to Islam and refer to him by his Muslim name, but unlike the mother of another hostage, Shirley Sotloff, they do not presume to lecture the jihadis about Islam. The scarf that Mrs. Kassig is wearing over her head may be an oblique gesture of good will to the jihadis, but as much of her hair remains uncovered, it is unlikely to be regarded with anything but contempt…

ISIS has killed thousands of Muslims — not all of them Shi’ites either. Look how they are attacking the Sunni Kurds in Kobani. Why should spare this man — they likely think he is a spy or has “incorrect” beliefs. Besides, they need to kill Americans or any kind because the US is attacking them.