Somalia refuses to accept ‘forced’ deportees from Norway

somalia-countryside-8A scene from rural Somalia.

Somalia’s government has refused to receive a number of Somali refugees who were deported back from Europe, an official has confirmed.

Abdullahi Gafow, Director of Immigration and Citizenship, said that six Somali nationals were “illegally” deported back from Norway and they were denied an entry.

“We won’t receive any refugees who are forced or illegally deported. We have already sent them back”

“The Norwegian government informed us that they will deport them back by force, but we also told them that we won’t accept,” he claimed…

If Somalia is going to try this scam then we should make very sure that no Somalis are allowed to enter the West. Of course they don’t them back: the average woman in Somalia has +6 kids in her life (fourth highest in the world).

Since they won’t use birth control, they rely on exporting as many as possible to the West. Stop the scam now.

h/t Marvin