My dad killed my mum and then sold me as a child bride

A woman whose Birmingham-born mum was murdered by her vicious father who then took her to his native Yemen and sold her to a violent rapist has told her horrifying story.

Gaby Gillespie now 50, suffered almost 20 years of abuse at the hands of a violent man while one of her sisters took her own life and her killer father turned on her with a shotgun.

  • Blacksmith

    More proof that middle eastern savages should not be allowed into any modern western country. Also proof that the UK has been circling the drain for a LOOONG time. Man murders his wife and get 6 years WTF! Only served 4 years Un believable. and then allowed to have his kids back? Multiculturalism is a disease that need eradicated.

    • This is an appalling case, not a surprise in light of Rotherham.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Britain clearly wasn’t tolerantly multiculti enough. Next time he should be able to call the police and have THEM kill his wife for him.