Lebanon: Fierce fighting kills 17 in the east, Lebanese soldier said injured by Israeli fire

353651_img650x420_img650x420_cropArmed presence in Brital on Sunday, October 5, 2014. Some reports spoke about an attempt by militants to take over the majority Shiite Baalbek district town, prompting hundreds of men from Brital and neighboring villages to take up arms to defend the area. (The Daily Star/Stringer)

BAALBEK, Lebanon: At least 14 Syrian-based militants and three Hezbollah fighters were killed in fierce fighting in a border area in east Lebanon Sunday after jihadists attacked positions of the Lebanese group in the area, security sources said.

Militant groups attacked Sunday two Hezbollah posts on the Syrian side of the border near the eastern Lebanon villages of Brital and Nahleh, killing three of its members and wounding a number of others, the sources told The Daily Star.

The sources said members of ISIS and the Nusra Front carried out the attacks, leading to clashes between the jihadists and Hezbollah. Fourteen militants were killed in the clashes, the sources said, and several others wounded.

Hezbollah captured five militants, the sources said…

unnamed-4Lebanese, Palestinian and Hezbollah flags on the northern side of Israel’s border with Lebanon (photo credit: Hamad Almakt/Flash90/File)

More from Lebanon: Lebanese soldier said injured by Israeli fire: A soldier in southern Lebanon was wounded by fire from the Israeli side of the border, a spokesperson for the United Nations peacekeeping force that monitors Israel’s northern border confirmed to The Times of Israel Sunday.

According to the spokesperson, the soldier, identified by the Lebanese Daily Star as Zakaria Hamza al-Masri, was rushed to the hospital following the incident.

The Israel Defense Forces said that its troops opened fire on “suspects” attempting to cross the border from Lebanon, apparently hitting one and forcing them to retreat.

The soldier was patrolling in the southern Lebanese town of Kfar Chouba, about 2 kilometers from the border with Israel, according to Naharnet news outlet…