ISIS raises its flag at edge of key Syrian town of Kobani, Kurds say town has not fallen

ISIS-flag-edge-KobaniISIS flag is placed on a hill in eastern Kobane as seen from the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern town of Suruç, on October 6, 2014. AFP Photo

Militants of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) raised their flag on a building on the eastern outskirts of the Syrian border town of Kobane on Oct. 6 after an assault of almost three weeks, but the town’s Kurdish defenders said they had not reached the city centre.

A black flag belonging to ISIS was visible from across the Turkish border atop a four-storey building close to the scene of some of the most intense clashes in recent days.

Another flag was also seen being planted by a man on the crest of a hill on the eastern edge of the town.

Local sources inside Kobane confirmed the group had planted its flag but said that Kurdish forces had repelled their advances so far.

“ISIS have only planted a flag on one building on the eastern side of town,” said İsmail Eskin, a journalist in the town. “That is not inside the city, it’s on the eastern side. They are not inside the city. Intense clashes are continuing”…

164259796_781059bAt least 14 Turkish tanks took up defensive positions on a hilltop on the Turkish side of the border

Meanwhile, the Turks are watching — ready to repel any attempt by ISIS to cross the border. But they are not doing anything about Kobani itself. Not their problem. Related stories:

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