Incredible Shrinking Russia

A linkfest of gloom: Russia is shrinking in population, armed forces, hopes of the population, the economy, the workforce, number of fertile women and on and on.

unnamed-2Russia’s population distribution in 2013

One of the reasons that Russia is shrinking in so many ways:

Political scientist Ivan Krastev argues that to understand Putin, one must understand how a KGB agent thinks. The job of the KGB man, unlike that of a member of the military or a Communist Party apparatchik, is not to create hierarchical structures and keep them under control, but to infiltrate and capture them while maintaining the appearance of normal operation. To succeed in this task, he must understand people’s key motivations and aspirations. Here, Putin has demonstrated his genius: those who wanted money have been well paid, and those who longed for identity have had their lost self esteem restored. That old KGB operative who confesses he always wanted to be a secret agent has conducted a brilliant operation. Russia has been transformed into a double agent which, while appearing to serve the Russians, allows these KGB ex-agents to maintain power and to control the apparatus of the state as well as its economic and media levers

He fails to note that the Muslim population is growing — at least in number, although not in any other possibly useful way. In fact, it only increases the gloomy outlook