Here’s why these Muslims are refusing to criticize ISIS

slide_256634_1637341_freeThe Zaytuna Mosque college complex was built in 732 in Tunis, Tunisia. In the 13th century, its library contained more than 100,000 volumes. (, page 76). From the “Islamic Inventions” picture gallery.

American Muslim leaders gathered at Washington’s National Press Club late last month to release a scathing 17-page letter to the Islamic State that distanced mainstream Muslims from the militant group’s actions. But one prominent imam from Northern Virginia refused to give his endorsement.

“It sounded like they were apologizing for something they haven’t done, like they were running for cover,” Imam Johari Abdul-Malik (pictured above) said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

President Barack Obama has called on the world’s Muslims to “explicitly, forcefully and consistently reject” the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, while Secretary of State John Kerry recently said that Muslims need to “reclaim Islam.”

But not all Muslims have engaged in these condemnations. Many have written blog posts and created social media campaigns to criticize what they see as Muslim institutions’ knee-jerk instinct to decry faraway atrocities that are unconnected to their communities…

The article, which rambles on, finally comes to the #MuslimApologies. It also has a picture gallery entitled “Islamic Inventions” that shows, among others, vaulted ceilings, libraries and currency (coins). I know for a fact that these existed long before Mo made his unfortunate appearance in the world. Pile of crap.