Health-care worker contracts Ebola in Spanish hospital

First Suspected Transmission of the Disease Outside West Africa

MADRID—A medical worker contracted Ebola after treating a Spanish missionary who had been infected with the virus in Sierra Leone and flown to Madrid, officials said Monday, reporting the first suspected transmission of the disease outside West Africa.

Health Minister Ana Mato told a news conference that the female health-care worker had been in contact twice with Brother Manuel García Viejo, a 69-year-old missionary, before he died of Ebola on Sept. 25. He had contracted the virus while serving as medical director of a hospital in Sierra Leone.

Officials said the health worker was in stable condition and had a fever, which hasn’t surpassed 38.6°C (101.48°F). Officials said they were trying to track down people she has been in touch with recently.

The officials said health-care workers had followed all the necessary protocols in treating the missionary at Madrid’s Carlos III hospital. Health officials said they were investigating how the health worker became infected.

In August, a Spanish priest, the Rev. Miguel Pajares, died of Ebola at the same hospital five days after being flown to Madrid from Liberia.