Vicious tweets scare Jewish community – South Africa

Great_Synagogue_Gardens_01_CT-thumb-620xauto-1020The interior of the “Garden Shul” in Cape Town, South Africa. (Wikimedia Commons)

Johannesburg – He calls himself Montero. But that’s all that’s known about him – that and his “vicious” anti-Semitic posts on Twitter. And his hate speech has been singled out as one reason that the country’s Jewish community is on high alert during Yom Kippur this weekend.

Montero, says Mary Kluk, the Jewish Board of Deputies national chairman, “is probably one of the most vicious individuals we have ever come across”.

He is untraceable. His Twitter account leaves no clue as to who he is, what he does or who he works for.

On Thursday alone, he posted 50 anti-Semitic pictures, and he regularly makes reference to the board, she reveals.

These messages include: “F*** the Kikes,” and “Jew parasites should all be killed and wiped off the earth.”

Others profess: “Keep calm, kick a kike,” and “I like my Jews like I like my bread… toasted.”

“I support Isis and all other Muslim freedom fighters who kill Jews… Every Jew they kill is one less I have to kill.”

Synagogues around the country have increased their security – and are now guarded by 24-hour security teams, concrete barriers and the Joburg Metro Police, who have closed roads during worship…