The Muslim Leadership Griffin

unnamed-4There is no better image of futility and delusion than this still from Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo, or Westerners calling upon the “Muslim leadership” to speak up.

Whenever there is any violent crime committed by someone suspected of being Muslim, like the recent beheading in Oklahoma, there are predictable calls for the Muslim leadership to speak up.

There is one major problem with this tried and found wanting method: there is nobody on the other side of the phone to pick up. It is not that someone is sitting by the phone, anxiously hoping the phone will stop ringing. No, there is no phone! Nobody there, either.

The vaunted Muslim leadership is clearly like a griffin in two ways:

1. It is as brave and magisterial as both a lion and an eagle.

2. Nothing in reality (outside of our imaginations) actually corresponds to it.

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