Powerline: Minnesota Somalis who like jihad

Somalis-al-Shabaab-2010Pictures of the 10 FBI most wanted Minnesota Somali jihadists, all from Minneapolis but now in Somalia, August 2011

We’ve got a problem in the Twin Cities that is based in our large and still growing population of Somali immigrants… They have taken advantage of all the services that our state and local institutions offer. They have been welcomed with open arms, in Minnesota’s characteristic style.

Yet Minnesota’s Somali community (“Minnesotans”) have proved the most fertile ground in the United States for the recruitment of terrorists by foreign terrorist organizations in Africa and the Middle East. We are concerned that they may choose to return “home” to Minnesota if they don’t get killed first. What is to be done?…

Minneapolis school board member Mohamud Noor is a Somali who dreams of higher office. He turned up at the forum with a set of gripes that make up the alleged “root causes” loved by liberals: “When so many young people are looking for opportunities and they’re denied…because of their color, my dear friends, there is no simple solution,” Noor said. “When we’re trying to find simple solutions to a complex situation, we’re not going anywhere”…

h/t Marvin