Netanyahu: Militant Islam a ‘malignancy’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday called militant Islam a “malignancy that’s growing and spreading.”

“In between East and West, there is a malignancy of militant Islam … whose first victims are Muslims, who don’t tow the line, and they’re cut down brutally,” Netanyahu said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “Christians, the Yazidis, Jews, anyone, secularists, anyone, gays, women. I think that malignancy is growing and spreading. It’s sending its tentacles to the West.”

Netanyahu said his greatest fear is that militants will “marry their mad ideologies to weapons of mass death.”

“That is a threat not only to my people, the Jewish people and the Jewish state of Israel, but to your people,” he said. “They view us as one because of our tolerant societies, whom they think is weak and corrupt…