Mexico: Where ‘Día de Muertos’ (Day of The Dead) Comes Earlier Every Year!


Don’t break out the sugar skulls for the kiddies just yet, but it looks like about four busses of college students (about 40-50 college students and their chaperons) have been discovered inside a mass grave just outside the small town of Iguala in the state of Guerrero.

It appears that the entire police force of Iguala just might have participated in mass murder.

Iguala was rocked by a series of clashes and shootings last weekend.

State prosecutors said the first bloodshed occurred when city police shot at buses that had been hijacked by protesting students from a teachers’ college. Three youths were killed and 25 people wounded.

A few hours later, unidentified masked men fired shots at two taxis and a bus carrying a football team on the main highway, killing two people on the bus and one in a taxi.

After the violence, Guerrero state authorities said 57 students had been reported missing. That number was later reduced to 43.

Blanco has said local police were being investigated for roles in the disappearance. He said state investigators had obtained videos showing that police arrested an undetermined number of students after the first incident and took them away.

Officials say 22 officers are facing homicide charges.

Guerrero’s governor, Angel Aguirre, has said investigators are looking at the possible involvement of organized crime groups, which he said had infiltrated the town government.

That’s like saying that Italians have infiltrated the Mafia!