Fomenting Revolution From The Comfort of Your Own Home* – *Some Restrictions May Apply

Ignore the Democratic State Senator from California (first 35 seconds), whom right about now, is surely soaking in a pool of his own urine, because Governor Moonbeam just vetoed his bill.

Here’s the reader’s digest version for the revolutionary that hates to read the quick start guides.

Step 1: Obtain a quality aluminum 80% finished lower AR-15 receiver from any reputable on-line retailer. Decent ones will run no more than about $80-$120 USD

Step 2: Following manufacture’s directions, correctly insert your 80% machined AR-15 lower receiver into the miniature CNC machine, secure it down, and then go off and have a smoke and a beer until it finishes. Don’t forget to turn the machine on first!

Step 3: Start hanging non-serial numbered AR-15 accessories (all other parts) onto your newest baby until you have something that looks like this example. Use your imagination to go from the’ tactical to the practical’, as long as you do not convert it to full auto or burst mode.







Please note that you may not attach bayonet lugs or grenade launching attachments either, but you knew that already. However, a 12-guage under barrel “master key” attachment is perfectly acceptable, especially if you believe that you might have some serious door-breeching needs in your future. Don’t forget your $200 ATF tax stamp!







Step 4: Hit the local gun range and enjoy!

For our Canadian friends, please inquire about all applicable local, provincial, and Federal laws before undertaking any new hobby.

For more info:

Cost about $1,300 USD for the desktop CNC machine.

Congratulations! You have just exercised your first amendment freedoms by constructing your very own 100% LEGAL* (in the US anyway) rifle for personal use that has no serial number and no obligation on your part to notify ANY law enforcement agency of it’s existence.

*Convicted felons and the legally insane are excluded from this offer.