American Ebola survivor readmitted to hospital and put in isolation suffering from a persistent cough and fever

unnamed-2Dr Rick Sacra

The third US patient to be treated for Ebola on American soil has been isolated again in hospital after suffering a persistent cough and fever.

Dr Rick Sacra, 51, who contracted the deadly virus while working in Liberia was readmitted to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, two weeks after he was cleared.

He was treated at the University of Nebraska Medical Center for the infection last month and was released.

Doctors are said to be performing tests on him to make sure Ebola has not returned, however they claim he has not relapsed – also stressing that the public should not be concerned.

Medical Director Dr Phil Smith told WCVB: ‘Even though the likelihood of Dr. Sacra having a relapse of Ebola is extremely low, doctors will run tests to be 100 percent sure.

‘Because of his recent battle with the Ebola virus, his immune system is compromised. The symptoms he has are indicative of a respiratory illness and are not those of someone suffering from Ebola,’ he added…

Ebola is wicked disease. It may be that survivors are more prone other medical problems. There has never been a widespread outbreak of Ebola like this one before and most of the survivors were Africans – likely never been studied.