ParaPundit: Doomed to failure: US policy in Syria, Iraq

Barack Obama has pinned his hopes in Iraq on an “inclusive” government even while the two excluded groups (Sunni Arabs and Kurds) want a divorce. Can you say “setting yourself up for failure”? Sure. In Syria the search is on for acceptable moderates.

Many moderate factions have been squeezed out or self-destructed in a morass of corruption, incompetence and dissent.

Obviously, the Obama Administration’s policy goals in Iraq and Syria are not achievable. In tribal societies deeply divided by blood and religious faith we can’t make everyone just get along.

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I cannot get over how many people in high office keep ranting about “inclusive government.” Not going to happen.  The whole thing is an exercise in futility — perhaps we can stop a few massacres, but I am not even confident about that.  And don’t get me started on “moderate rebels.”