Now THAT is crowded: Malaysia discovers 155 Uighurs crammed into 2 apartments

(Reuters) – Malaysian authorities have detained 155 Uighurs, more than half of them children, who were found crammed into two apartments in the capital Kuala Lumpur, immigration officials said.

The Uighurs, a Muslim people from China’s far-western region of Xinjiang, were discovered when officers from Malaysia’s Immigration Department raided the residential units on Oct. 1 after receiving a tip-off.

Ninety people, including 44 children, were crammed into one unit, while the remaining 65 were in a second unit, according to a report from enforcement operations unit chief Basri Hassan.

“We had not expected to see so many of them in one unit,” said an immigration officer who took part of the raid, adding that the Uighurs were found in cramped and smelly conditions.

He added that the Uighurs were carrying Turkish passports that were suspected to be fake…